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Am I Invisible?

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Am I invisible?  That's a question I keep asking myself at the moment. The reason for wondering this is Facebook or more specifically Facebook interaction and the lack of it. I'm quite used to talking to myself ( its ok I haven't started answering myself yet) but this is getting ridiculous.


After yet another change I am beginning to think that only one man and his dog are seeing my posts and to be honest the dog doesn't really count as he can't read.


So what to do about it?  I know...Google it, isn't that the answer to everything these days. So  that's what I did, to find to my utter dismay that the answer is "engaging content". What is engaging content? It's one of those fluffy woolly sort of terms that no-one really knows the answer to.


I  know you all love beads, everyone loves beads right? So, I think beads are "engaging", especially photos of beads and when I talk to you, you all love photos of beads and want to see them. Sadly Facebook thinks they are not engaging content and very kindly decides for you that you don't want to see them and don't think they are engaging content either


So the search for the ever elusive "engaging content" goes on. In the mean time lets show Facebook how much we love beads....please like, comment and share my posts, in fact like comment and share anything that catches your eye. We all need our daily beady fix despite what mean old Facebook think.



Thank you for reading my ramblings.


Karen x

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  1. Vicki Evans

    Yes this engaging content on Google+ just seems to me to be people sharing infographics and other peoples posts. Facebook won't show anyone your posts unless you pay. I find that even if you have a great post that people have liked that facebook still restict how many people see it. You sell beads, people like beads, and people like me buy beads, have you tried doing some tutorial blogs using materials from your shop, ie the latest bead trends, how to make a shamballa bracelet.

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