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Knitting Knockers...

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My friend Kay knits, she has knitted for as long as I can remember. She has also had breast cancer and a double mastectomy. She has had a lot thrown at her lately, more than some people have to cope with in a whole lifetime. She is an amazing woman, not only does she keep going but she spends most of her free time helping others. She recently became involved with a group of wonderful women who knit prostheses for ladies who have had a mastectomy. They knit knockers!

They knit knockers because silicon prostheses are uncomfortable and heavy and can rub against scars left after surgery. The ladies provide an alternative, these are breathable, soft , 100% cotton light and most of all comfortable. They are free to any woman who needs them. The cost is covered by the ladies who knit them. They call it a gift from one woman to another and say the knockers are made with love and filled with hope.

What a fantastic thing for one woman to do for another. This sounds so wrong but having held her knockers both silicon and cotton, I know which I would prefer to wear.

Kay's ambition was to get her knockers on page 3...and guess what she did it. Here is her story.

Knitted Knockers Uk have a website where you can make a donation to help the knocker knitters help more ladies who need them.

They also have a Facebook page

There are some lovely comments on their website from ladies who have received their knitted knockers, well worth a read!

If you know anyone who may need their services, direct them to the website.

Karen x

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  1. Jill Trueman

    What admiration I have for your dear friend Kay and all the many volunteers who donate their services and who help so many ladies restore their self esteem. a truly wonderful charity. Hoping your good work continues and you all receive the recognition you so rightly deserve.

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