How to Open & Close A Jump Ring



Opening & Closing Jump Rings


Step 1




Start with an open (unsoldered) jump ring. Using flat nose pliers,  to help you get a good grip on the jump ring. You can use two pairs of flat nose pliers if you have them or one pair and your hand is just as good.


Step 2






The important thing to remember is that the jump ring should be opened or closed by pulling one side towards you and pushing the other side away from you NEVER by pulling them apart. If you pull them apart they will lose their round shape and you will never get it back.

Only open the ring as wide as you need.  Add whatever you are using the jump ring to connect and close the ring.


Step 3






To close,  pull the other side towards you and push the other side away from you but this time overlap the sides slightly. Snap the two sides together in a tight, closed position. You will hear a slight 'click' when it is securely closed.

There you have it,  its an essential jewellery making technique and with a little practice,  very easy to master.