6 reasons why making your own jewellery is a great idea

1. It's relaxing 

As many crafters will tell you, the secret to a happy healthy life is crafting. This applies to making jewellery too. Creating is relaxing and reduces stress. The next time you're feeling frazzled reach for those pliers and get making, you'll feel better in no time.

2. It's cheap

Yes, you can spend a small or even a large fortune on tools and expensive beads but you don't have to, to make your own jewellery. It can be as cheap as you want especially at first. There is no harm in buying cheap and fun stuff to start off with. You can always invest in more expensive supplies as you progress. 

3. You will never be short of gift ideas

Handmade jewellery makes great gifts and who doesn't like receiving handmade gifts. You can create the perfect gift in no time.

4. You will always have perfect assessories

Need something to match your wedding outfit or other special occasion outfit? Can't find it in the shops? No problem, just make your own. You can guarantee no one else will be wearing the same thing.

5. Its great receiving compliments

When someone compliments you on your jewellery it feels amazing to say thanks I made it myself. Few things feel better than that. We all like receiving compliments don't we!

6. Be unique

Most of us craft or make jewellery to create something unique, something no one else has, to stand out from the crown. Imagine, design and create your perfect piece of jewellery and you can be sure no one else will have the exact same piece.


So, why not give it a go....what have you got to lose!





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